First setback

Just received a call from the crew and they are working through a weather induced issue. Climbing the biggest peak of the climb up to 10,250 feet, Michael had taken off his leg warmers, etc. because the sun was out (see last video) and as they climbed Dave could see a black cloud coming from the West, nothing that I saw on the map but things are different at the top of these mountains. Within 5 minutes the weather dropped to 45 degrees and it was raining and hailing and Michael continued to ride on. He had to stop and may have developed hypothermia. He got in the jeep and Dave (the awesome crew member he is) stood out in the weather as there was not room for 3 in the jeep and they warmed him up. They’ve worked their way down the other side in the pouring rain and then – blue sky. That’s the high country weather in Colorado – I’ve lived there and know it’s power and quickness to change. Michael is resting in the RV but has lost time. Our thoughts and prayers go out to him and the crew who are making very important decisions with very little sleep and less than 1/3 of they way to Annapolis.  More updates as they are available.  I believe they will recover from this and continue the Race Across America.

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