Email message to Michael

Michael –

Between TS 15 and 16 here was the average MPH for you and the three people in front of you –

The three people ahead of you – 10.62, 10.55 and 10.85

Yours was 12.27  – you are gaining on them and have plenty of time left to make the pass and go on to the next group.

Steady pace, enjoy the evening as you feel the temperature drop as it does in Colorado this time of day.  Breathe that fresh Colorado Mountain air.  Relax, smile and you are AWESOME!!! The blog is updated, people all over America are checking it, leaving comments, cheering you on. 


[emailed to the crew and yelled out the window. All comments posted to the site are sent to the crew and given to Michael as they can. You can’t see them on the site but I do and I get them to him. He is riding strong, but is not 1/3 of the way there. Keep those comments coming.  If you want to send a message to Michael – email me at and I’ll get it to the crew.]


2 thoughts on “Email message to Michael

  1. Amazing – but not surprised – to see you moving up the rankings. We have really enjoyed the crew pictures and video. Can’t you keep Dave quiet? Sure is it a lot of equipment on the dashboard of the jeep! Sara and I rode Iowa Hill, talking frequently about where we thought you were at any given moment. Our legs were toast after just a few hours of riding! Crazy to think of you kicking butt for so many hours, day in and day out. Keep it up Michael!

  2. Mike,
    We keep going to your website and checking on your status. Wow is all we can say. You are doing OUTSTANDING. And remember its always too soon to quit. Keep up the good riding. We’ve been praying that everytime you get to sleep that it will be the most relaxing, deep sleep ever and when you awake you will again be ready to hop on your bike and tackle the road ahead.
    We’ll keep you and your crew in our prayers.
    Hugs, Candy and Steve

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