Daily Report Recap from RAAM site – 6/20

www.raceacrossamerica.org does a great job of covering the race for all racers, both solo and team with video, audio and text.  As I find mention of Michael I’ll copy it here. 

Popp and Rees on the move in tightly-packed RAAM middle
As Gerhard Gulewicz and Peter Oyler sit pretty in fifth and sixth, there have been a few movers and shakers in the rest of the top ten. Riding well in the Colorado mountains, rookie and leading American racer Ben Popp shot up to seventh place, while strong Briton Jim Rees moved up from thirteenth to tenth. He is now just 17 minutes behind Julian Sanz Garcia.

In contrast, Franz Preihs tumbled down the rankings and out of the top ten. However, he should recover position again, considering he had a rest for a couple of hours before reaching Durango.

Indeed, the middle of the pack is so tightly packed. Through Time Station #14 at Durango, eighth-placed Michael Cook and fourteenth-place man Franz Preihs were separated by just five hours. There is still everything to play for as the race moves to the centre of America; let’s see what the mountains and a need for sleep do to the valiant racers.

Last man standing Bradley battles to stay in the race
RAAM is gruelling enoug without considering the elimination process. Any racer whose average speed drops below 10mph is technically eliminated at the time station he passes. Last man standing Bill Bradley is currently doing his utmost to avoid elimination. However, with the Rockies on the horizon, it looks to be an impossible task.

In the coming day, fellow back-markers Kevin Kaiser and Daniel Rudge will be battling the clock too.


One thought on “Daily Report Recap from RAAM site – 6/20

  1. Thanks Pete (and Dave?) for link to Map My Ride. Watching Michael cruise through Taos NM @ 19 MPH as I sip coffee. Dave – way to sacrifice for the team while Michael recovered from the frigid temps. Sounds like you are grinding it through one of the toughest sections so far. What an inspiration!

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