East. South. West. North. Every Direction Is Into The Wind.

I’ve thrown a fresh coat of paint on the blog. A little bit of spring cleaning. Wish there was more time to learn and explore WordPress. This week my heart rate monitor replacement arrived so I can go back to recording my heart rate during training. What happened to the old one? (We suspect Dylan tossed it into the recycle bin but he hasn’t admitted to it yet.) It’s one of those things that I don’t really pay that much attention to but it is interesting to look at some days and compare how the heart was pumping to how the body felt. I find if I just go out and run at my normal pace, my rate heart will hoover around 145 bpm. If I’m working hard, it should be in the 150’s. I seldom see it in the 160’s or higher. Last year, I saw a segment of the Tour of California and they had a heart rate monitor on one of the riders. The riders were coming into town and ready to sprint and this guy’s heart rate was around 180. I suppose this mean that I’m not pushing the body hard enough. Would be interested to have a VO2 test and determine what are my threshold numbers. Now I say this, but if you look at my ride today (Sunday), my heart rate is all over the place, sometimes well over 200 bpm. This makes no sense and I wonder if I am getting some interference with the device. When starting a run, I will see my heart rate spike into the 180’s then quickly settles into a more normal zone. I’m also noticing all my runs and rides on the Garmin are reported as 1 hour earlier than they actually took place. The time on the watch is correct so not sure what is going on. A 6 PM run is reported as taking place at 5 PM. Must be something to do with the recent change to DST. 

Last weekend my legs were still asking for more recovery time from Way Too Cool. I think we settled for a 18 mile run on Saturday, then a short ride in the evening and then a longer 70 mile ride on Sunday. A beautiful Sunday ride it turned out to be as I rode over to Placerville then down to Folsom and back up to Auburn. The weekend rides need to start increasing in length and I will need to double up on the Saturday and Sunday rides, doing long rides on both those days.

Nicole and Dylan have been sick. Dylan came down with his first ear infection and Nicole has something that she cannot shake. Could be tonsillitis.

Spent some good time outdoors yesterday and today. Yesterday ran out to Cool in the morning. Saw only 2 other runners the entire 20 miles and did spot some bear droppings. First time I’ve seen bear droppings in Auburn. Today, rode the same route as last Sunday over to Placerville then down to Folsom. Seemed no matter which direction the bike was pointed, there was always a headwind. Winds blew pretty hard today. Frustrating to look down at the speedometer and realize it might be faster to run.

Which I’ll be running a similar route come this Saturday. This will be another American River 50 Miler, from Sacramento to Auburn. Should be a good test and preparation for staying motivated and focused when the body is tired. AR50 teases you the first half with miles and miles of flat running on the bike trail, but the second half is good trail running up the American River to Auburn. The last 2 miles are a 1000′ climb out of the canyon and will have you racing up the hill or running scared, looking over your shoulder to see if anybody is chasing you to the finish line.


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