You Deserve Exactly What You Get

2009 Way Too Cool 50K - Mile 21

2009 Way Too Cool 50K - Mile 21

My legs have the awful tight feeling today which is good as it means I did work hard yesterday at Way Too Cool 50K. Crossing the finish line in 4:13 was somewhat disappointing since I had thought I had been running pretty hard the entire race. Overall, I’m happy with my result and effort. Always would like to be faster. And this year, an additional 1.5 mile was added to the first part of the course. Everything held up well during the race. A couple small blisters but kept all the toenails. Had a quick nature call around mile 10 but other than that I had no stomach issues. What a R-E-L-I-E-F. The course conditions were close to ideal. Cold start but by mile 21, the temperature was perfect. Some big names in the race. Karl Metzler. Graham Cooper. Erik Skaden. Beverly Anderson-Abbs. And local Tim Twietmeyer. Skaden and I went back and forth verbally somewhere between miles 12 and 14. There are sections that are so narrow that it is impossible to pass. Step to the left and it is a LONG WAY DOWN. There were a few of us stuck in this section and he felt I was too close on his heels. He kept saying either back off or pass. So finally I asked to pass. Then around mile 16 he is doing the same thing to me. It’s like having someone ride your tail on the freeway. I thought “What would happen if I just slam on my brakes?” But I stepped on the gas and moved on ahead. I thought it was a definitive move only to be passed by him and the female winner around at the Brown’s Bar Aid Station a few miles from the finish. Man alive! So many great views along this course that I want to take Nicole and Dylan back and hike some of the area with a camera. My time of 4:13 gave me a 26th place finish. My legs think they deserve more but we’ll take it. Thanks for all the volunteers who make this such a great experience each year. Aid stations are always a welcome oasis and those manning the stations are helpful in every way. We usually just eat and run and say a “Thank you” between bites. But we really do mean it. So now it’s Sunday and I’m working on taxes and need to dust off the bike and ride out in the rain before some evening coding. I think on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the pain of RAAM on day 6, 7, 8 and 9, I’m probably only at pain level of 3 or 4 today. Oh, I can’t wait!

Here’s the race data from my Garmin watch.


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