Warm and Sunny Baltimore

Warm and Sunny Baltimore

Warm and Sunny Baltimore

We are back from Baltimore and man are we glad to be back from Baltimore. This year, the National Home Infusion Assocation (NHIA) held their annual show in Baltimore. We’ve showcased our software at this show the past few years so we were excited to be attending again this year as part of Mediware. Also had the chance to connect with friends and customers from across the country. Nicole and I had never been to Baltimore so we were excited to have the opportunity to visit the city. The day the show started, the biggest storm in 3 years landed on the East Coast and gave us from California a taste of winter. I took a run around Camden Yards and Fort McHenry (home of the Star Spangled Banner) but given that Monday’s highs were in the 20’s, I was glad to be indoors and at the convention center. I’ll take California’s puddled trails over Baltimore’s frozen sidewalks any time. We’ll be back in that part of the country in June as RAAM passes north of Baltimore on its way to Annapolis. I expect the temperature to be much more tolerable come June. It could be just the opposite and we will be dealing with heat and humidity. Can’t wait.

Way Too Cool is next weekend and I have yet to put in a monster week on the bike. With the extra hour of daylight in the evening, I hope the next two weeks will allow me some longer rides during the week. I’ve heard some riders put in as many as 1000 miles a week for RAAM training but that is not going to be my case. At this point, I’m barely cracking 100 miles a week. I just don’t have that amount of time to spend on the bike. I know that even with huge amounts of base miles, I will suffer during RAAM. My goal needs to be putting in enough miles over the next 3 months to be adequately prepared for the journey which might translate to peaking at 400-500 training miles per week. Will this work? I have no idea. I’ve never done this before so I really don’t know what I’m talking about. No matter what, I’m going to be hurting. Poor me! None suffer as much as me! Moving on…

Was back to running under a blue sky yesterday. Encountered quite a few runners on the trail with their Way Too Cool shirts. Felt good to be out and the legs felt good. Looking forward to race (not Ball Bearings but other parts) although I heard an extra mile has been added to the course. I checked my GPS from last year and it registered 30 miles so I’ll need to find out why they believe the previous course was 1 mile short.

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