Need Some More Time

2009 Tour of California Time Trial

2009 Tour of California Time Trial

Many days are a race to squeeze everything in before starting it all over again. And often, there just isn’t enough time. This past week, the theme was medical. Nicole and Dylan had been battling colds since last week. Monday morning I had some blood tests to give at 7 AM. And then the next day I came down with something that knocked me out for a couple days. Tuesday morning I drove to work. Felt fine when I arrived but within a couple hours had terrible headaches, fever and chills. During lunch, I tried to rest in the car with the heater on. By evening I was out of it. Before heading home, I crawled onto the floor in the office and tried to rest for another 30 minutes. I was not feeling well. Wednesday was a complete waste. No energy. By Thursday, I was feeling back to normal. What a difference. I think I average one sick day at work every couple years so Wednesday should be it for another year or two.

Pearl Izumi sent a package of gear for RAAM. I love Pearl Izumi’s riding and running gear and they are graciously helping me on some RAAM attire. Their MicroSensor shorts are the best shorts I’ve worn on the bike. I rode the same pair for the entire 508 miles of The Furance Creek 508 and couldn’t believe how well they felt even at mile 500. The fact that I never even had to change them should say enough! Can’t wait to test out the new clothes. It’s storming outside today so I don’t think I’ll be on the bike today.

Friday morning we woke up to snow in Auburn. Snow flakes the size of Frosted Flakes were falling and the ground was covered in the white stuff. I worried I might need to put on the chains for the commute to work that morning but was able to make it to the office without any incidents.

The Tour of California was in Sacramento on Saturday for the Prologue. Nicole, Dylan and I, met the neighbors at the State Capitol, hung out and tried to capture some pictures of the riders passing by. I recently bought a new Sony ultra compact camera (T500) for pictures on the move. Yesterday, at the Time Trials, was the first time I was able to take some pictures with it. It’s one of the few that can also do 720P video which I can use to capture those big moments. You could take much better pictures with the digital SLR, but this one will meet my needs. We took some decent shots and I think Nicole beat me with her Casio Exlim in the pictures category. I’ve posted more pictures of the day here.

Here’s a video of Lance riding his Time Trial:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more on Yahoo! Video”, posted with vodpod

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