Folsom Prison Blues

Folsom State Prison

Folsom State Prison

Overall, I could say this past week has been a good week. Finished a number of loose ends with code releases at work. Have a clear idea of some of the next big projects that need to be tackled. Sleep is becoming more consistent. But on Friday night, I headed out for a run after work and things just didn’t end well. Sometimes you have this feeling that the run is going to be effortless or it is going to be a slow one. I left the house and about a mile into my run, I’m feeling real good like this is going to be a good tempo run and I’ll be home in an hour. But about 30 minutes into it, I’m pulled over on the side of the road and hearing some strange sounds from the engine. I gave it a few minutes, started again and couldn’t get it going again. The rest of the way was a mix between a fast shuffle between a walk between completely stopped with my hands on my knees. So what to do? We’ll, I know we’ve all had training sessions or races when the wheels seem to completely fall off. And trying to isolate the cause can be difficult or impossible. Is it something I ate? Am I’m a coming down with something? Not rested? It’s hard to know. But looking back, I can almost always see trends. Recovery is an important part of training but often over looked. Last week was a bigger week for me than normal. And last Saturday I did my long run (20 miles), followed by a 75 mile bike ride on Sunday. Now my training the days after appear to be normal but I am probably not allowing my body sufficient recovery time. This is hard because almost all of RAAM will require continuing when I’m tired and not feeling well so trying to accustom myself to those conditions feels very counterintuitive. When does quantity begin to degrade the quality? And not that I am anywhere near high quality, but if 2% drops to 1%, that a huge percentage drop. But I think by Friday night, everything had caught up to me and it was time to pay the piper. (I also had to pay the piper $100 when I signed up this weekend for another American River 50 Mile Run. This year no Bruce Springsteen concert the night before!) So with that in mind (recovery not Bruce), I went out this morning on a scenic bike ride through Cool to Salmon Falls Rd and past Folsom Prison. Will do it again. Only about 50 miles but good to spend the afternoon with the family. No run tonight. Need to have some blood tests done early in the morning and Nicole and I are trying to finish “Burn After Reading” and I’m still trying to finish some code.

One thought on “Folsom Prison Blues

  1. Michael, I love that you are going to blog your RAAM journey. I really enjoy reading your entries.

    I am Rachel Carlson the daughter of the late, Randy Van Zee, RAAM 2004 finisher. My husband is currently deployed to Iraq and I am looking for people to support our Walk to Iraq challenge. It is really quiet simple 5 miles of biking equals 1 mile of walking/running or 15 minutes of exercise equals 1 mile, running and walking miles are 1 for 1. I would love to have you on my team and to count all those hard miles you have been logging. I can count back to October and all I need is your miles/minutes for each month (I can convert them). If you are interested please email me your miles for each month to

    Thank you so much for your time and good luck, may the tail winds be with you.

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