Trying To Bank Sleep

Last night was the first night we had a solid 8 hours of sleep since October 14, 2007. Boy did it feel great! For the most part Dylan is sleeping through the night but will wake-up at random times and is back to sleep after some comforting words or a hug and is usually ready to start his day between 6 and 6:30 AM. Friday night we drove to Tahoe after work and he was up every few hours Friday night. But on Saturday, when Nicole and I feel asleep at 11 PM and we all woke-up at 7 AM, it was the best we felt in a long time. In a weird way, I feel guilty for getting a good 8 hours of sleep!

This weekend we spent mainly indoors. Saturday I did my long run in the afternoon and the snow started to fall. I finished 20 miles and felt decent. Seems like my stomach had a difficult time adjusting to the thinner air and just didn’t feel right for most of the run. But I was home before dark and it felt good to be outside after a long week sitting at the computer. My Sansa froze, literally, 13 miles into the run. I knew it could be a wet and cold run so I opted for the rugged Sansa MP3 player instead my Zune. So the last hour I ran to the sounds of my feet falling on fresh snow intead of listening to Leo Laporte talk about computers. Back home and after about an hour sitting near the fire, the Sansa and I both recovered.

I have the Way Too Cool 50K coming up in March and need to spend one day a week at the track. Track work is my least favorite excuse to head outside for a run but I know it is necessary to increase my speed. A good night at the track is 6 x 1 mile repeats, each mile between 5:30 and 5:45. I’m not going to set any records, but I’m sucking some serious wind on those final laps.

No ride this weekend as the snow was coming down too hard today. I headed out this morning for a run on the Dog Bite loop but at about 7000′, the road was too icy and after too many falls I walked back home with my tail between my legs. I’ll hit the indoor bike trainer in a few minutes. So my goal of at least 100 miles this week was not met. I think I did a couple rides of about 50 minutes during lunch breaks but I really needed to spend a few hours in the saddle this weekend. Well, there is always next weekend. A few of us are planning to ride Iowa Hill before the Super Bowl so that will be a good introduction into some serious climbing.

I’m back logged on so many things right now. Is it just me? Email sucks a lot of time from my day. I know there must be a better way to communicate. Email is perfect for direct communication but much of my email at work is centered around product questions, design, etc. I keep debating in my mind whether a wiki or blog would be a better source of communication between team members. We have these running conversations in emails that are better intended for a blog or wiki so that they can be saved, searched, indexed. I think even better than a face-to-face conversation some times since the digital format can be easily saved and shared. Yes, you can save and search email but unless you cc everybody, it is not available to others for sharing. We have to save emails indefinitely as a record of “he said” or “it is suppose to be”. These types of conversations should exist in a format that can be viewed and commented on and shared by the entire team, company, anyone who needs to see it. So that’s my input.


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