We’ll See You In The Morning



I hold your hand
You smile
You don’t even know what it is

Lost in your world
We try to look into you
What’s inside
You have deep blue eyes
And if I close my eyes
I still see you
We can’t stop thinking about you
Always on our mind

We’ll teach you
You’ll show us
We’ll learn together
Do you know how sweet life is together

Our time may be long
It might come too soon
Always time will be short
You’ll have questions nobody can answer
Hard days you won’t forget
Lazy days you’ll have wished for more
But live the day so you remember it

Put your other hand in mine
Give your Papa a hug
Remember we love you
Remember to make memories
Remember on those hard days
But even those hard days
Know we are here for you
Hear us tell you we are proud of you
Hear me
We are here for you
So proud of our Dylan

Your Mama and Papa
All we have is our Dylan
The hurt we feel
When we cannot look into your eyes
Hold your little hand
See you smile
And know you are safe, content
Lost in your own world
We’ll see you in the morning


One thought on “We’ll See You In The Morning

  1. Nice poem. Here is a framed Celtic poem I have on my office wall with the picture of my 3 oldest daughters when they were 7, 11, 15 (now 17, 21 and 25).

    “For we are, each of us,
    a collection of memories.
    Our personalities are the
    collective result of
    everything that has
    happenned to us, yeah it is at the
    end of the day we look back
    upon the days and years
    through the looking
    glass of memory.

    And we are gone,
    we become a part
    of the memories
    and personalities of others.”

    Life happens fast. Make a memory today and give one away to someone you love.

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