It’s January But Feels Like May

Pacific Crest Trail near Donner Summit

Pacific Crest Trail near Donner Summit

On a warm January Saturday
I wandered off a favorite trail
and came across a little running brook
hiding behind some trees
While the woods quietly watched me
beads forming on my forehead
the sun trying to peek through above
I stopped there for a minute
watched the water flow along
And I wanted to take my shoes off
rest my feet in the water
But my afternoon had other plans
And as I paused to hear the sounds
of water chasing stones
I could hear the beating for home
so I continued on my journey
Promising to visit again

The last couple days have brought unbelievable weather to the area. Temps are in the upper 70’s with blue skies and a full moon. A quick ride during the day and a night run. If only we had a little lake out back we might call this Walden.

I’m just starting to get back into the swing of things, slowly. Life is full, which is good but I feel pushing any more will make me more likely to come down with a cold, flu, etc. The edge of too much or not enough. Why the constant drive? The plan is to ease into the RAAM training nice and easy. Need to try and average 100 miles the first few weeks and then add another 25 miles every 2 weeks. Some things will have to give. I think it will be impossible just to add more to the routine without something giving. I have to be careful not to keep adding new levels until there is too much and all comes crashing down.

Just starting to work on some of the logistics of RAAM. How many bikes? Do I need 2 or even 3? How about wheels? Comfort or speed? Hed or Zipp? Deep Dish? I need to load up my Zune with some very long audible books. Just starting to listen to The Long Walk by Slavomir Rawicz. If these guys could walk across Siberia then we should be able to bicycle across the US. But why? Why would anyone choose to ride 3000 miles or climb Mt. Everest or do anything that seems to contradict the purpose of survival. That’s the question.


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