Race Across America 2009

When I was growing up at 732 Park Glen Drive in Windsor, I would read the stories of a crazy bicycle race that started in Southern California and finished on the East Coast. These stories fascinated me with guys riding across the desert, climbing the Rocky Mountains, pedaling through the plains and not stopping to sleep for days.  They would ride and ride, riding until they fell asleep on the bike. They would hallucinate. They would ride beyond extreme exhaustion across the country. They would ride 3,000 miles in less than 10 days. These guys were machines to me. Sure I had other sport heroes, baseball and football players, but these unknown guys riding 3,000 miles across the country in a solo race, that was incredible. Well, now almost 30 years later and I’m going to throw my helmet into that ring and see if I can crawl or coast out the other side. Not exactly sure what I’m getting myself into but I’m excited. As a boy in Windsor, one trip around our block was about 1/3 mile and I figured that I could do 9,000 laps in a summer. Break it into smaller chunks, a 1/3 of a mile here and another there, and it’s not so bad.  

The race starts in late June and with a lot of support and luck, I should be finished 10 days later. The plan will be to ride at least 300 miles per day and try to sleep 5 hours each night. 300 miles x 10 days = 3,000 miles. Once I have the logistics figured out and have developed a reasonable training plan, I will let you know. Two weeks ago, I took a ride during lunch and a truck pulled out in front of me. I hit the brakes but slammed into the truck. The body was sore for a few days. Not a good start but it could have been much worse.


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