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Writing In The Sand

Writing In The Sand

After the Marine Corps Marathon, we (really Nicole), packed our bags and we rode the subway to Ronald Reagan Airport. Quite a site with Dylan on my back, we each had a couple bags, stroller, backpacks and we navigated the streets and subway system until our backs cried for a little mercy. We flew from Washington DC to Miami and then to Montego Bay. We had about a 45 minute ride to the Pladium Hotel, one of Jamiaica’s newest and largest hotels. It was well after 10 PM by the time we arrived. Nicole had talked our way into getting a room close to the beach when she told the hotel it was my birthday. As we walked to our room, there was this sound in the air that sounded like fire alarms going off. The sound was everywhere. It went on all night and the next morning I asked on the employees about it and they said “It is the frogs!” “How big are these frogs?”, was my thought.

Dylan liked to rise very early in Jamaica so it didn’t feel much like a vacation in the mornings. If there was one thing that he loved above everything else in Jamaica, it was the Jamaican women. What a schmoozer he was! We had great weather the first day and spent a lot of time playing in the water. His favorite activity was being thrown in the air when we were in the water. He just couldn’t get enough of that.

After Monday, the clouds and wind rolled in. The nice calm beaches turned wavy so we spent most of the time around the pool. Dylan started walking more and more in Jamaica, and he discovered the taste of sand. Not sure why, but he seemed to enjoy the taste of sand. Other than the sand, the all-inclusive hotel offered a number of different restaruants to choose from each night. Our favorite was either The Steak House or the Asian restaurant. For breakfast and lunch, the hotel opened one buffet restuarant.

Walking Along The Beach

Walking Along The Beach

We tried to spend as much time as possible at or in the water.

Sitting On A Dock

Sitting On A Dock

Two nights before we left, we were treated to a lightening storm that went on for most of the night. I sat outside and tried for an hour to capture some of the strikes on the camera but not much luck. The last day gave us great weather and the wind finally died down and the clouds cleared.  

For our flight back to Washington DC, we had to leave for the aiport around 4:30 AM even though the flight didn’t leave until 9 AM. Trying to keep Dylan entertained at the airport kept us busy. We flew back to Miami then DC and stayed in DC overnight. Our hotel was only 2 blocks from the White House. I went for a night run and most of the monuments are well lighted for nighttime viewing. In the morning we tried to see more of the DC sites. Took in the Vietnam Wall, the Lincoln Memorial and the Supreme Court. We actually waiting in line to sit in the 3 minute chair of the Supreme Court but missed it by a few minutes since we had a 2 PM flight back home. If we have the chance to go back, being able to sit in a US Supreme Court case it top on our list.


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