Mother’s Day

Mother's Day


Hard to believe we are in the middle of May. The snow is melting, the days are turning hot, Dylan is running and we would love a good night’s sleep. We spent the weekend in the mountains. Saturday I spent the day volunteering by taking water samples and then marking a new trail in the woods near Northstar. Nicole visited with Tom and Sue in Reno and they were able to meet Dylan. On Sunday, we celebrated Nicole’s first Mother’s Day. We feel so lucky to have Dylan in our life but I am really lucky to have Nicole. She’s been dealing with Dylan at 2 AM, 4 Am, 6 AM and she is always so patient and loving. To recover, we had some morning coffee in Old Town at Joe Coffee (Nicole has a new favorite: white chocolate and coconut), relaxed a bit and then cleared some of the low lying branches off the pine trees close to the house. I did an evening run around Donner Lake and up to Sugar Bowl. The wind was howling but the views were perfect. There is still too much snow for the trails but they should be dry in a few more weeks.

Dylan has a few new teeth coming in and that probably explains the 2 AM wake-ups. Hopefully, we can be back on a normal schedule soon. He is eating rice, bananas and even tasted some chicken and a lemon. He loves to eat.


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