At last I have my Dash cell phone working as a modem so I can be online with only my cell phone and laptop. I’ve always been able to use the Dash for basic email and internet access but it would be more productive to use the laptop for email and share the internet connection from the cell phone. But for a year I haven’t been able to work this out. Finally the puzzle has been solved. My T-Mobile Dash phone was stolen during a trip to Phoenix and my replacement arrived last week. I’ve been a happy T-Mobile customer but since I still had 8 months left on a 2 year contract, T-Mobile got the best of me. I either pay full price for a new Dash phone, nearly $300 whereas it is now free if you are a new customer. Or I pay $200 to cancel the contract. It made more sense to cancel the contract and open a new family account since Nicole could cancel her Verizon account.

This past weekend I configured my Flickr account so that I can email it with a picture from my phone and have the picture post immediately. This can be a fun way to shoot and post pictures on the go.

Nicole and I are listening to Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet when in the car and painting. The book is close to 50 hours long and I think we are just over halfway. The story has captivated us.

Painting is taking longer than expected. I think we are good with most of the colors. With the floor done, the gray/green colored walls look soothing. We’ve always done coffee and tan colors so going with grays and khakis was bold for us.

Dylan’s been waking up between 2 and 2:30 AM the past week. He cries for a while then eventually falls back to sleep. Two bottom teeth poked through a couple weeks ago so he may have more teeth coming in. Would be nice to for Nicole and me to have a good night of solid sleep.

American River 50 Miler is next weekend. I’m slowly starting to feel more like myself. Monday evening I had my first run in weeks were I felt good from start to finish. The day before, Sunday, I ran to No Hands Bridge which is a 15 mile roundtrip from the house. Beautiful scenery along the North Fork of the American River. The picture for this entry is along the trail. Next weekend will be more training than racing.


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