The Nomads Are On The Move Again

Moving Day

Moving Day

We’ve pitched our tent in the foothills of Auburn and hope to call this home. The apartment test has officially come to an end. After 9 months, a sexual assault in the neighboring parking lot and homeless strolling past the front door, it was time to find a different location. Our home in Auburn was rented through February so we decided to make the move here. Long term this was going to be our destination but sometimes life has a clock of its own.

Nicole has stopped working and is now at home with Dylan. I’m working from home a few days a week then will be in the office the other days. Right now, everything is in the garage until we finish getting the house ready. We’ve been painting in the evenings and weekends but it is taking longer than we thought. Colors are always hard to decide. Hoping to be done in about another week with the major stuff.

We both worked until the day we moved which was a mistake. The weekend before we drove over to Auburn and painted all weekend. We headed back Sunday night around 10:45 PM and were so tired we had to pull over a take a quick nap. Trying to be out the door by 5:45 AM in the morning and off to work was taking a toll. I’m much more an evening person so staying up late and getting up early was not a working combination.

Thursday we picked up the moving truck and God Bless Nicole’s dad for helping load and unload. The truck was packed full around 5 PM on Thursday afternoon and we caravaned over to Auburn with Nicole’s parents. Around 11 PM we unloaded the bed, left the other stuff for the morning and fell asleep. Dylan slept in his own room for the first time.

Friday we spent unloading and trying to find a paint color. Bob Shebest had signed up for the Way Too Cool 50K and came over from Santa Rosa and crashed downstairs. Yes, I had a race the next day. We drove over to Cool and the morning looked perfect. A field of fast runners had registered this year. I knew Bob would be fast. But there was Kenny, a sub 2:30 marathoner from Santa Rosa. Scott Jurek the king of ultras. And some other good runners. I started out following Kenny and Bob, but between mile 4 and 5 and could see them slipping away as the trail snaked ahead. At the Highway 49 crossing, Nicole passed me my MP3 player and Jurek passed me on the trail. I looked at my time and my pace was the same as last year, so I reassured myself things were OK. But over the next few miles, the last few weeks caught up to me. Mentally, I could not focus on the race and I found it hard to push myself along the trail and keep the pace. I finished in 4 hours and 16 minutes, 20 minutes behind last year’s pace. Bob finished 7th with a 3:40. An amazing race and his first ultra. We ran into Kenny getting a massage and he said he struggled and finished around 3:55.

We headed home, packed our bags then drove over to the airport for a flight down to Phoenix. The National Home Infusion Association had their annual show in Phoenix and our company had a booth at the show. On Sunday morning, one of the companies we work with signed up for a half marathon relay and had talked me into running a 4 mile leg of the relay. So we drove out towards Mesa, AZ at 5 AM to run with the cactuses. Had a good time and just relaxed. My 6:09 mile splits showed that I didn’t run nearly as hard as I should have at Cool. Our relay team, Team Rock Pond, finished 2nd.

The show presents a good time to connect with current clients, establish some new leads and come back with a sense of what people are looking for as far as new features and product enhancements. Nicole connected with Mona, Nicole’s tireless friend who lives in Phoenix and crewed at the Furnace Creek 508. We left Tuesday late afternoon and were back home late Tuesday night. Dylan did great on both flights. On the flight there he fell asleep just after take-off. On the flight back he started to cry just as the plane left the gate. I half jokingly shouted, “I’m so sorry” to the surrounding passengers and then he relaxed and played the rest of the flight. Unfortunately, I had my cell phone stolen when we checked out of the hotel. I called T-Mobile and could see somebody making calls minute after minute. So I immediately suspended the account. What a pain.

The past week, Dylan’s started to talk to us nonstop which has been great. He loves it when Nicole reads to him and he reads right along. Today is his 5 month birthday.

We’ll that should bring you current. I’m off for a run along the American River and then some painting this weekend.

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