2008 Calendar

One of the things I’ve wanted to do that past few years is attend the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. This year Bill Gates gave his final opening keynote and said goodbye as he prepares to step down from his responsibilities at Microsoft and pursue other interests. But even though we didn’t make the trip, with video on demand so common on the internet, I watched the keynote via the Microsoft’s site (watch it here) and enjoyed DL.TV’s nightly roundup of the show and new technology. The Gates speech didn’t have much “WOW” stuff but he did have a good glimpse inside his upcoming life about 10 minutes into the show. Microsoft continues to push the Sync technology which looks promising but not sure if partnering with Ford on this is such a good idea.

Last weekend we were over in Yountville on Saturday for Jerry Sweany’s wedding. Dylan handled the evening perfectly and enjoyed the lights and music at the wedding. Right after the wedding, Nicole drove me down to SFO for a 10:30 PM flight down to LAX for the Orange County Marathon. I sat in the back to try and catch some sleep but as soon as the USC basketball team sat down next to me, that idea went out the window. I finally arrived at the hotel at 2:30 AM and the phone rang at 5:15 AM to meet the Pace Team and head over to the start. Avia provides us with some cool new attire. The string in my shorts broke when I was tying my knot at the start. Running legend, Dick Beardsley ran alongside our group the first couple miles. But at about mile 9, the half marathoners went right and we turned left and from that point to the finish the course was desolate of spectators. Then there is nothing like running the last 8 miles holding up my shorts with one hand and my pace ballons with the other. Had two runners qualify for Boston even with the wet weather. Spent a few hours at the airport dealing with delays but landed in Santa Rosa around 9 PM. So good to be back with Nicole and Dylan.

I finished Sidney Poitier’s autobiography The Measure of A Man and enjoyed it. The book began somewhat slow but he had so many good things to say as his story unfolded. I’m now onto Victor Frankl’s book Man’s Search for Meaning. So far so good. I’ve been running with Bob Shebest on Wednesday nights and this is one he recommended.

I’ve mapped out my races for 2008. This is what I have so far but things could change. Looking forward to a couple triathlons, a return to Western States and The 508. Hardrock will need to wait for a different year as there just isn’t enough time to do everything.

1/6 Orange County Marathon (Pace 3:10)
3/8 Way Too Cool 50K
4/5 American River 50 Mile Run
4/26 Devil Mountain Double
5/18 Auburn Triathlon
6/21 Terrible Two
6/28 Western States 100 Mile Run
7/4 Climb Shasta
7/19 Tahoe Rim 50 Mile Run
8/2 Vineman Full Distance Triathlon
10/4 The 508
10/26 Marine Corps Marathon (Pace 3:10)
11/3 New York City Marathon (Pace 3:15)
11/9 Silverman Full Distance Triathlon
12/7 California International Marathon (Pace 3:10)

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