Did I Drop The Ball In 2007?

Snow Angel

Snow Angel

Whew, that was fast. 2007 gone. Goodbye. Adios. The year was a great year, if for no other reason than having Dylan come into our life. Looking back, the year sort of came and went and there were only a few milestones. We fostered Tyler until around May and that seemed to consume a lot of energy. I had a good run at Way Too Cool 50K and then slugged through another American River 50 miler. In May we had some highs and lows of the pregnancy experience as we dealt with “What if…” and we sold Nicole’s beloved Mercedes 230SLK and bought a litter bigger BMW 3 series convertible, only to have it sit in the garage for months until we realized this just wasn’t the car for us. I think Nicole shed a tear and we downgraded to an Acura TLS which we really enjoy although still seldom drive. This year I passed 12,000 miles on one of my bike odometers, a Trek I bought in 2004. I’m averaging about 4,000 miles per year, nothing close to the 3,000+ miles I need to ride RAAM in 2009 (covering 3000+ miles in about 10 to 14 days). Hmm… I need to think about this and do I really, really want to do this? I do. May, June and July were also spent on doing lots of software coding for work as we went live with a new product. In June I did a return ride of the Terrible Two (200 miles through the mountains of Sonoma County) and then we moved into the place you will find us now. And July’s highlight was finishing the Tahoe Rim 100 Mile Endurance Run. Not sure what happened to August, but I think we must have been catching our breath. Oh wait, I remember. In August, we took a 6 day vacation to The Big Island of Hawaii. Funny story about Hawaii. We only rented a car the first and last days and our hotel was not close to much. We had a Starbucks across the street and a small 7-11 type store and a few restaurants but not much. So we loaded up on food the first day on our way from the airport. This was a “last vacation together”, a time to celebrate our time together and sort of prepare for our baby boy. You might think we would be living it up, but that’s not really our style. But by day 3, I was in trouble. Here we were, in Hawaii, together and we are eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for 2 out of the 3 meals. Not sure what I was thinking but frugality to an extreme is stupidity and I was being pretty stupid with a pregnant wife I loved on vacation. We ended up having some real meals and I hopefully learned a lesson. Oh, the mistakes we make. Baby showers and weekend rides and runs, kept us busy in September and life really changed in October. I didn’t quite know what to expect but yes it is better than you can imagine. Not that it’s a piece of cake and there aren’t moments, but it is so much better than we could have expected. We spent a couple weeks in Tahoe and tried to spend as much time as possible with each other. On the morning of my birthday, I went for a run and was attacked by a rather large Newfoundland dog (worse shape than after any of my 100 mile runs) and spent a couple hours in the Truckee hospital ER. The pain the next few days was incredible and there was no more running for awhile. Nicole stayed home with Dylan and he was changing and growing. First we were excited just when he opened his eyes. Then when we smiled. Then when he laughed. There is always some excitement. Nicole and I celebrated 13 years of marriage in November. By December, I started to feel a little tired. Maybe things were catching up to me. 6 hours of sleep, running, riding, working, stress. I started to ask myself, “What am I doing with my life?” Well, I haven’t exactly answered that question but what I am doing right now is what I should be doing. Today, I’m planning and goal setting for 2008. I need to learn more and challenge myself. Gain a little courage and really test the limits. Put myself outside my comfort zone. What does this mean exactly? Check back soon…


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