Over The Mountains and Through The Trees…Where’d I Hide My Bike

Summit Lake

Summit Lake

Here is a picture of the 3 of us at Summit Lake.

I tried to put in a final run on the trails before winter arrives. From the cabin, I rode my bike to Mt. Rose and hid the bike in the forest, then ran from Mt. Rose to Spooner Lake (about 21 slow miles) where Nicole and Dylan met me. I tried to video the trail and scenery which amounted to carrying too much stuff: tripod, digital camera, video camera, clothes, water bottles, phone, MP3 player, pepper spray for the bears (just in case and I have my doubts it would do any good) and some snacks. I’ll have to do it again in the summer when lighting is better and I have more time and temps aren’t so cold. This is something that I’ve wanted to do for the past few months, so I’m glad it worked out before the snow starts to accumulate. There were still patches of snow in some of the higher sections but nothing too bad. But I think one good storm and that will be it until next summer. Crossed a couple mountain bikers and one runner near Incline but for the most part there was absolutely nobody out there. Would have been nice to have some company or even a dog for that matter but not sure how I would have been able to get the dog from the cabin to Mt. Rose, it’s about a 30+ mile ride with lots of uphill. I have a short video of the trek at the bottom of this entry.

We had a relaxing Thanksgiving with just the three of us. Nicole made a huge meal that we will still be eating for the next few days. Dylan is enjoying the holidays and appears to be putting on some extra holiday pounds. He is usually sleeping about 4 hours through the night, so although we (Nicole mainly) are not getting a complete night’s sleep, we are probably getting 5 to 6 which really catches up to us come Friday night or Saturday.

Our 13th wedding anniversary will be on Monday. Hard to believe it is already 13 years but we’ve packed in quite a few things over these years. In 13 more years I’ll be turning 50. Can this be! This year has been really interesting for us and we definitely are grateful. Going through the pregnancy and all the ups and downs was a great life lesson. There was the time of sitting in the doctor’s office when they couldn’t find a heartbeat on the baby. Then once we found out we were having a boy, Nicole received a call the next day saying Kaiser wanted to run some tests for some possible abnormalities in his brain, something called Trisomy 18. We decided against the tests since there was a tiny chance the test could cause problems. We felt that even if the tests came back positive, there was nothing we would change. Thankfully, everything turned out perfect. Moving out of our house was also not easy and the aftermath of watching our hard work get ripped out is, I would say, very deflating, to put it nicely. The lawns we worked so hard on, clearing the ground, spreading and packing the soil and laying the sod, through the rain and all night, were left to die and pulled out. The fence we worked on in the evenings, after work with our headlights strapped to our heads as we poured cement and put things together, is gone. The classic Spanish style texture that is a custom signature is on its way out. Oh, the lessons we learn.

As we move forward, our future is a little unclear. I think we will start to map things out in the next few weeks. We know that as long as we are together, that is the most important thing. And we realize that we could live in a lot of circumstances and in a lot of conditions as long as we are together. There are the things that we cannot control and those we just have to let go. The things under our control, those are the things that should attract our attention.

Here’s a video of the run. I definitely need to work on my photo skills. I will do this again in the summer and the pictures should be much better. This is good practice.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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