Back Into The Swing of Things

Dog Bite

Dog Bite

Real quick. Back at work last week. Less than 4 weeks to go to the ASHP MidYear show which I hope to be the launch pad for Ascend. Still lots to do and code. Focus is critical to make progress but focus is sometimes difficult with all the daily noise.

I had to skip the Stinson Marathon. Went for a run the morning of my birthday and was attacked by a 120 lb (my rough guess) Newfoundland a couple miles into the run. Spent a couple hours in the ER and have been sidelined for a couple weeks.

Dylan is making sure we have plenty to do. I’m back at work during the day so Nicole is doing most of the work. We are getting about 5 – 6 hours of sleep during the night and then trying to take naps here and there. Sometimes he will wake-up every couple hours during the night but for the most part he falls back to sleep after a few minutes. He will be a month old tomorrow and we have enjoyed every minute with him.

I’ve solved my Rubik’s cube 4 times this past week and if I keep working at it, should have it down in another week or so.

Oh, before I forget. I’m in for Western States next year. This will be my second time running the Western States 100 mile endurance run from Squaw Valley to Auburn. I’m excited because I want to improve on my first attempt of just under 22 hours. A couple other 100’s are on my radar, mainly just for the experience. Hardrock 100 is one that I would love to experience. Cascade Crest sounds beautiful.


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