Dylan’s First Two Weeks

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The first week with Dylan went by in a blur. Nicole stayed in the hospital for a couple days, then it seemed like we were right back there for check-ups. After a few days at home and in the apartment, we were starting to feel cramped so we packed up and headed to the mountains. This is an interesting time on a number of different levels. Last year, we sold our rental properties and bought another house in Auburn with the plan of some day moving over to Auburn. We had a bit of luck and sold our properities just before the market really started this current downward trend. In the long run, it probably wouldn’t have made a difference since prices have fluctuated across the board. Any loss of value in Santa Rosa would also have taken place in Auburn. So if we had waited and lost 10% on the houses in Santa Rosa, the market in Auburn would have also likely dropped 10%. It’s a wash.

We’ve been hunkered down in the apartment for about 4 months and I’m starting to have itchy fingers. Space is tight and I am really getting under Nicole’s skin because I act so depressed every time we are in the place. When I think about it, my thoughts go in the direction of “What in the world are we doing and why are we doing this?” So maybe it is time to do something else.

Has the real estate market reached bottom? Probably not quite yet. Looks like foreclosures are on the rise and with winter approaching, homes typically don’t sell as well in the winter months. Those that are in desperate situations are going to find it rough if they need to unload their home and mortgage in the next few months. Nicole and I have looked at buying something instead of renting but not sure it makes sense right now. Neither of us look forward to coming home to the apartment but it is a roof over our heads. Every month though there is this sense that we are throwing money away and we could be having that money work for us instead.

Instead of the path being fully lit in front of us, it looks a little blurry. Stick with the current course of renting and we can do OK. Though not ideal, it is doable. Buy something in Santa Rosa and work evenings and weekends to improve the value through sweat equity and either sell when we are ready to relocate or turn it into a rental? Well, we’ve kind of done that the last 8 years and that’s why we decided to sell… Been there and done that. How long does one need to walk down the same road until they realize the scenery doesn’t change?

Not sure if having idle time to think is good. Is it better just to stay the current course or is self evaluation and reviewing who/what/where you are is good. Being too comfortable makes us stale. Getting out of my comfort zone, as in the words of Coldplay, “See what you’re worth” is part of the reward.

I’ve been loving the new Bruce Springsteen album, not every song, but there are a few that I’m wearing out quickly: Girls In Their Summer Clothes (favorite), Gypsy Biker, I’ll Work For Your Love, Long Walk Home (another favorite) and Devil’s Arcade. His politics aside, his last couple albums have hit a spot in me that raises my spirits. Everybody has their song, but something about his music will carry me home.

This weekend I have the Stinson Beach Trail marathon. I’m feeling good and am looking foward to a good race and working hard against the competition. Here is a little video we put together of Dylan’s first couple weeks with us:


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