Could Be Any Day…

It’s 11:30 PM Wednesday night and Nicole’s contractions have become a little harder. She’s had a few the past week, most of the time when we are lying in bed at the end of the day. But tonight they are more pronounced and about 30 to 60 minutes apart. We had a doctor appointment this afternoon and Dylan is perched in the birth canal so maybe it will happen tomorrow. Very exciting stuff. Life is changing.

We’ve had a great week last week, although it started a little stressful. My email server at work stopped sending mail in the morning and it took a day to figure it out. Besides a quick 1 hour evening run, I finally went to bed around 1 AM on Tuesday. The problem ended up being our spam filtering software, which was ironic since they were the first one I checked with when the problem surfaced. But as it goes, they pointed their virtual finger at our DNS service and said “It’s not our problem”. So I spent about 12 hours running down problems that didn’t exists. Most of trouble-shooting is ruling out problems until there is only one left. So after checking and re-checking routers, network cards, server settings, I came right back to the spam filtering software.

Then on Wednesday, we had an employee appreciation dinner after work. To my surprise, they were throwing a baby shower for me. Friends at work have been so generous with me and so kind throughout the years.

Friday, I flew out to Las Vegas and drove through the desert to St. George for the St. George Marathon on Saturday. I paced the 3:10 group and had a great time helping about half a dozen runners qualify for Boston. Spectacular scenery once the sun rose about 30 minutes into the marathon. The course would be a fast course to run a PR given good weather. I wore both my Polar watch and my Garmin 305. Here are my splits with the Garmin, uploaded to MotionBased. When I arrived on Friday the wind was howling. And I mean really howling! 40 MPH to 50 MPH and in the wrong direction. But Saturday morning the skies were calm and the temperatures very chilly. We left the hotel at 5 AM and caught the buses out to the desert. We arrived at the starting line only about 25 minutes before the start, cutting it awful close and not leaving enough time to endure the long bathroom lines. So we had to trek out in the dark and into the vast desert to find a lonely and solitary bush. Like a bush rookie, I yanked a handful a desert grass to wipe and for the first 10 miles of the marathon kept getting stung in the $#%.

After the marathon I hiked back to the hotel and then drove back to Las Vegas and had lunch with my dad before catching my flight back to Oakland. Nicole picked me up at the airport and we made a quick trip up to the mountains to turn off our water and make sure the heater was on and running. Sunday we set up Dylan’s bed and got his things ready.

Heading off to bed now and maybe off to work in the morning or maybe to the hospital.

If you need a good laugh, one of my favorite comedians is starting his own TV show. Check out Frank TV.


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