Happy Birthday Nicole

Nicole's 33rd Birthday


Nicole turns 33 today and she is so happy and excited. After work, we had a real light dinner at Tex Wasabi then her parents came over to share some birthday cake. Dylan continues to grow and kick. This process has been amazing and we can’t wait to see him and touch him. We already think of ourselves as a family. Nicole is planning swim lessons. I have him already running with me a couple times a week. Nicole and Dylan on the bike and me running could be another day. And then there will be just the times watching him explore and learn.

This past week, some things came out that reveal the not so honest side of life. A couple of the things I’m not really connected to so they can be mentioned. I’ve been a big fan of Discovery Channel and there are a couple shows that I love: Man vs. Wild and Survivor Man. Of the two, I’ve been a bigger fan of Man vs. Wild. It is a show about a man who gets dropped (literally and sometimes out of an airplane) into some of the most remote and unforgiving areas of planet, and he has to find his way back to civilization with nothing more than maybe a water bottle, a pocket knife and the clothes he is wearing. A small camera crew travels with him and video tapes the experience. It’s been amazing watching him in the wild and knowing which plants to eat or catching a salmon out of an Alaskan river and IMMEDIATELY eating it, while the fish is still alive and cold. But a story came out that sometimes during the taping, instead of roughing it in the wild, he and his crew found a hotel and took advantage of warm and soft beds. What’s so wrong about this? Well, it is in the fact that he portrays, actually advertises and conveys, one message but is living another. You need to sleep in a hotel? No problem, but don’t give the message that you are out roughing it while instead heading to a hotel when the camera goes off. Isn’t there a word for that? Integrity.

The other story that surfaced last week just demonstrates the sorry state of professional sports and cheating. I could have picked from a number of stories, but I’ll stick with the Discovery Channel theme and go with Discovery’s decision to stop and disband their cycling team. Cycling is a grueling sport and hard on the body. It is inspiring to see the peleton break into an all out sprint, reaching speeds of near 40 MPH, towards the finish after riding nearly 100 miles. But then you learn that these guys are not clean and you don’t know who to believe. I keep thinking these athletes can’t be so bold as to cheat at this point, but sure enough they do. Why? For me, I would much rather finish lower down in the rankings but do it on my own than move up the ranks as a cheater. And not that you have to cheat to win. It just seems like there are more and more cheaters winning lately. Some say the pressure to win is so intense that it is hard not to cheat. Everybody is doing it. That has to be the argument.

Where are the honest heroes? Everybody has an excuse for this and that. We will need to work hard to instill honesty and integrity in Dylan. Remembering to say what we mean and mean what we say. And always work hard to do the right thing. Not the popular thing. Not the most profitable thing. Not the easiest thing. But the right thing.

I’m struggling with a little indecision and some lack of motivation. Two weekends ago, I ran the Hole In The Ground Trail from the cabin with Julie Fingar. Nicole met us after a couple hours and the 2nd half was a good solid run. This past weekend, I had a good long run, half on the trails and half on the road. But then Arizona Ironman is sitting in front of me and I just am not sure I want to commit. Nothing is on my schedule for the next month but I need to do one or two more races this fall to stay sharp. I probably need to train with a couple other triathletes to have the competitive juices start to flow. I think I’m falling into a comfortable pattern of not pushing myself too hard. I came across Tim DeBoom’s results for Arizona Ironman and he ran a 2:56 marathon. Amazing.


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