If only he could pick his parents…

With almost 3 months until the arrival of Dylan, we are trying to become acquainted with the personality of this little guy. He likes to kick and we can often feel him moving and trying to kick his way around or maybe it is his arms swinging, practicing a forehand or maybe a two-handed backhand. It is good to see he has so much energy.

For the most part, he is a pretty quiet character. No complaints about long car rides or long days at work and evenings spent packing and moving. We try to keep him away from the TV but we did watch a movie last night for the first time in over a month. It seemed he really got into the sound effects so his hearing should be developing just fine. We’ve heard that babies can become familiar with sounds while even in the womb. So at night before we fall asleep, I’ve been mimicking a dog bark so when we find a dog he won’t be scared. He might see through this plan and probably thinks he has a crazy dad who barks after he kisses his mom goodnight.

We’ve heard that shinning a bright light at Nicole’s stomach would cause him to jump from the sudden light, but when we’ve tried this we haven’t noticed anything yet. But he could just be bored and is saying, “C’mon guys, how about trying a different trick. How would you like it if I came up to you while you were sleeping a stuck a light in your face? Let’s move on.” A few weeks ago, I took Nicole on a run with me up through Annadel and she rode her mountain bike along with me. Dylan was done after 15 miles but I think he enjoyed being on the trails and is looking forward to more time in the mountains.

If only he could pick his parents…


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