We Have A Son

Donner Trail

Donner Trail

Yes, we have a son. Nicole had predicted a boy, but either way we are just thankful. Nicole had her ultra sound Tuesday morning and I had some blood work that I needed to get done so we met in Radiology around 8 AM. The baby has grown quite a bit since the last visit and we could easily see his form: skeleton, arms and legs on the monitor. The heart was pumping around 138 BPM, which is about my rate on an easy run so I think he should be good to go with me. I’ve been a little preoccupied with work and it has been hard to dwell on the fact that we will have a baby in our life. We can now play with names and Nicole is finding outfits. This is a special time in our life and we are trying to enjoy this experience. When we take a minute and think about it, it is amazing.

We spent the weekend in the mountains and I coded most of the time. I did sneak out for a run on the trails in the afternoon and was reminded how peaceful it can be high in the mountains, running and enjoying the views. I followed a new trail along the Donner Rim Trail hoping to turn around near Castle Peak. The scenery was spectacular with the granite rocks and wildflowers. I came across a couple of large deer and spotted some bear droppings but no bears. There are still some snow patches on the ridges but nothing unsurpassable. I don’t think I encountered one person on Sunday so I really need to find a canine running partner that can tag along with me for a few hours in the mountains. I hope we will always have our place and in a year or two we will be able to explore the mountains together with the little guy. He will love the outdoors.


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