Silver State

Silver State

The end of our week has arrived and we are feeling a little stuffed from everything going on. Life is very full. Nicole and I met with her doctor on Monday and everything appears to be moving along. The baby is growing. The sonogram showed a growing skeleton, and it looks like two arms waving along with a good size head. It was too difficult for them to determine with it is a boy or girl. We have a more detailed sonogram in two weeks and hopefully that one can if everything looks good and maybe determine sex. Nicole is showing more and can sometimes feel the baby. It is all very exciting.

We were also able to see Tyler, our foster child, in his new home this week. Since we are moving and had committed only through April, when May arrived we needed to find him a new home. The original plan back in January was for him to reunify with his father in April, but there were some delays. It was great to have him with us and we think his new home will help him learn to play with other kids in more positive ways. Since we didn’t have any other kids in our house, when he was with us he mostly interacted with us. But this didn’t really provide him with the chance to practice sharing, playing nicely, etc. He looked good and everybody was happy to see each other.

Work has kept me very busy and my mind occupied. We are all working hard to launch our new product. There are great features built into it and it keeps getting better as the days pass. It is amazing how much has been accomplished yet there is still so much to do. Some companies wouldn’t be able to deliver this with many programmers and support staff, and we are trying to do this with one programmer and a couple of support staff.

Also had the Silver State 50 miler today and it was a very challenging course. I’ve attached my elevation chart so you might sympathize with my sore quads. I think there was about 9,000 feet of climbing in the 50 miles and about the same going downhill. And the downhills on tired legs are what really shreds the quads. I’ll be sore for a couple days. The course was beautiful once we finished the climb out of Reno. The first 30 miles I felt OK but made a stupid mistake by only carrying one water bottle. This caused me problems leaving Boomtown and making the climb out of Boomtown up to the Mt. Rose wilderness area. I arrived at Boomtown in about 4 1/2 hours and met Nicole for some support. But the temps were in the upper 80’s and going from about 5,000′ to climbing up to 9,000′ over the next 8 to 9 miles was tough with just one water bottle that emptied rather quickly on the climb. And there was absolutely no shade during the climb and I could feel myself overheating. So I made the decision to walk the rest of the way to the top. About the midway point, I met up with Paul Sweeney from Truckee and we walked/ran together for the next couple hours. He is training for his 4th Hardrock!

I ended up finishing in 8 hours and 36 minutes. Could have done better with proper hydration but I’m satisfied and the time earned me 3rd place. Like I said, it was a very challenging course but very beautiful. Looking at my data, half my time today was spent climbing! If you are a runner, the 50 miler or 50K is one that should be on your list of runs to do before you reach your finish line.


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