Life Doesn’t Have To Be So Hard

It would be so easy to give up
a long day turns into a long week
week after week and pretty soon there is nothing else
and it doesn’t seem to be turning around

like trying to swim and being pulled under
sad stories told from sad faces about sad lives
why must we make life so hard
I’m running away so I don’t go under with you

trying to do the right thing
but nothing seems to brighten your day
like sharing your disappointments
ungrateful we are
we don’t understand how hard it is
never worked a hard day in my life

how is it life can be so bitter sweet
the wonder of it pulls you in
the temptations pull you under
the pain suffocating the joy
it doesn’t feel so free
can’t it be different
the love’s gone
barely surviving
you’re trying to pull me under

a different ending for a new life
i’ve found trails to unbelievable places
smelled air from a mountaintop
i’m going to push ahead
wish you could enjoy the ride
yes life is bitter sweet
seen, touched and smelled both sides
but until my time comes
good times bad times
hard days and long days
life is sweet

It’s been a long week with long nights. Lots of late nights coding and it is starting to take its toll. Deadlines and demands at work are mounting. Nicole’s is starting to show and our excitement is growing in porportion to the round bump in her belly. Yesterday came and I squeaked in a 12 mile run, which is nothing close to what I need to be doing for next Saturday but I am running short on time. Then when I am running, work keeps creeping into my thoughts. It’s hard to let things go even on a run. Nicole picked me up in Petaluma and we drove over to Sacramento for a dinner and show. I think they call it a date? It felt vaguely familiar… It was great to laugh at the Frank Caliendo show. Today did a 20 mile run in Tahoe with some climbing but stopped short of 30 miles due to some tightness. I’ll take it easy this week to prepare for the Silver State 50. I think this will be my most difficult 50 miler and probably similar in difficulty to the Tahoe Rim trail. I’m hoping for a time around 8:15 to 8:30 but we will see how my legs and stomach feel. It should be a good challenge and I need to finish strong.


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