Running With A Sniper

Reno Marathon

Reno Marathon

Nicole and I spent Saturday afternoon and Sunday in Reno where I paced a 3:30 group for the Reno Marathon. The marathon had a couple hitches, the main one was the marathon started about 1 hour and 15 minutes late. Apparently they had similar problems last year.

I had a small group of about half a dozen runners with me through the first 16 miles at which point I had a solid group of 3 runners: Melissa, Mike and Nick. Melissa was running trying for a PR of under 3:33 and Mike and Nick were running their first marathon. We spent a lot of time talking, mainly with Melissa and Mike. Mike recently returned from active duty in the Marines were he was a sniper ( He had some interesting stories. The guy can shoot a target from about 2000 meters away. Carries 200 pounds of gear on his back. He was solid as a rock during the run and when he emptied his stomach without losing stride between mile 22 and 23, I knew he was for real. But as we had about 3 miles to go, Melissa started to slow and slipped out of the group, then Mike lost pace about a half mile later. Between mile 23 and 24 Nick had to slow so I finished alone. But they all came in just a few minutes later.

We drove back home to Tahoe, did some light work around the house and went for a walk. Then hit the road and I coded while Nicole drove. I’m buried in work right now. What else is new?


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