Back From Salt Lake

Salt Lake City Marathon

Salt Lake City Marathon

I am back home from the Salt Lake City Marathon and so happy to be home. I flew out on Friday morning and did the expo with Clif Bar on Friday afternoon until about 7 PM, then had dinner with the team before trying to get some sleep before the start on Saturday morning. I tried to be in bed by 10:30 PM but had people roaming the halls outside my room until 2:30 AM laughing and having a great time. My nerves were running a little high after my normal Wednesday run of 11 miles left me with REALLY tight quads. And after last weekend’s 50 mile American River race, I tried to recover by not running Sunday and Monday. Tuesday I went for a run during the lunch break at work and felt sore but not too bad. But at the end of Wednesday’s running I was hurting. I wasn’t sure that I was going to be able to finish the marathon at the 3:10 pace. My chart from the marathon is shown above, detailing my splits (I forgot to mark mile 1, 24 and 25), heart rate and elevation profile. Not sure what the deal was with my heart rate spike at 201 BPM but it must be a mistake. Also, a couple times it registered my heart rate below 90 BPM which must have been my monitor not strapped properly to my chest. My average was around 151 BPM which seems a little high. I still was dealing with some chest and head congestion and the altitude (around 4,500′) probably contributed. Looking at the chart above, it looks so easy, just a cruise around town, mostly downhill.

On Friday, the day before the marathon, I had an hour at the hotel so I went for a short stroll through the city, taking the sights around the Mormon temple and my legs still felt tight. Not a good sign the day before a marathon. But others on the team were pretty beat up from Boston so there wasn’t any opportunity to switch pacing times.

Luckily, the race went well and I finished in about 3:09. My legs came through although I did some suffering the last 6 miles. I had 4 guys finish with me so that was rewarding, whereas last year I had no one cross with me at the finish line.

I flew back to Oakland and met Nicole and some of her customers in San Francisco for dinner. Frank Caliendo was in town for a comedy show but there were only tickets available for the 10 PM show. I was tired and Nicole’s parents were watching Tyler so we passed. Maybe next time.

Feeling so much better today. The sun is out and it is good to be back with Nicole.


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