New York City Marathon

NY From Ellis Island

NY From Ellis Island

I knew that New York would be crowded but I didn’t know it would be that crowded. Nicole and I flew a red eye on Thursday night then spent Friday seeing the sights and freezing. It was cold! We walked through the expo first, then jumped on a bus and took a tour from downtown to the Wall Street area. From there we took a ferry to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island then landed back in Manhattan and walked over to Ground Zero. As the sun was setting and the temperature dropping even more, we took an open bus around Manhattan and finally ate dinner at Chipotle at the bottom of the Empire State building. The burritos were huge! (Just kidding…) Noticed there weren’t a lot of homeless around the downtown area. For the most part, the city appeared pretty clean. Congested and expensive, but cleaner than San Francisco.

Saturday was a couple hours at the expo and then some more exploring. The highlight of the day was a trip to the top of the Empire State building. We took the subway and bus back to the hotel. Interesting.

Sunday was marathon day. Out of the hotel by 6 AM and at the starting line by 6:45 AM only to wait around a couple hours freezing. The race didn’t start until 10:10 AM but Tim Twietmeyer met me in the corral and we talked until the start. I had a large group of about 100 runners with me for the 3:15 pace but there were so many runners it was impossible to know. The race started and after two miles I was two minutes behind. It was impossible to get into a good pace with so many people. Things didn’t open up until around mile 13 or so. The bridges were crowded but not too steep. Finished just under 3:15. Never saw Lance or Dean since they both finished around 3 hours. It would be a very tough course to PR due to the amount of runners.

We caught a flight later that evening and were back at home before midnight.


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