508 Recovery

Still recovering from The 508 but each day I’m feeling a little better. Today we had the user conference at work. The week has been crazy. A couple evenings were spent over at our rental house on Bramble, replacing a garage door and dealing with inspections. Another night was spent at Home Depot buying parts. Then on Wednesday one of the foster kids who was with us earlier this year came over for the evening and stayed the night along with his brother. It was good to see him and to know he is doing ok.

Kaiser has taken a lot of time at work and I’m become more frustrated due to the lack of productivity I am able to achieve. I’m slowly making progress on .NET but know that I could be moving a lot faster.

We also received word at the end of the day that our offer for a house in Auburn had been accepted. This is good news as we will be exchanging two rentals into one. Hopefully this will help simplify our lives.

Two weeks to the New York Marathon and I am not feeling ready. My calves are still very tight from the 508 and I still have some tingling and numbness in my right foot. At least I will have an extra 5 minutes for this marathon since I’ll be pacing the 3:15 group. We’ll see how my long run goes this weekend.


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