3 Days And Counting

Real quick. This weekend I’ll be riding the 508 (www.the508.com) with a very distant hope of using this to qualify for RAAM. The 508 is simply 508 miles on a bicycle from Valencia, CA up through the high desert to Death Valley, down through Badwater then through the Mojave Desert and finishing in Twenty Nine Palms, CA. I’ve been training by riding 3 miles to work and back so I’m feeling a little nervous that I’m not getting enough miles in on the bike. What’s 505 more? Actually, my longest ride has been 208 miles so this will be uncharted territory. Definitely an adventure. We’ll start Saturday morning at 7 AM and I hope to finish sometime Sunday late afternoon. Nicole and Mona Wyse will be crewing for the trip, replacing flat tires, filling water bottles, pumping music during the midnight climbs, throwing food at me, honking when I start to drift off, and offering much needed/appreciated emotional support. If you are interested in tracking our status, you can view the race webcast at www.the508.com or call the “Nicole and Mona hotline” in the crew vehicle. Feel free to call and make sure I’m still pedaling and Nicole and Mona are awake and we aren’t broken down in the middle of Death Valley. The number is 707-889-0388. Our official race name is Cookie Monster (each rider chooses an animal instead of a number). We’d love to hear the phone ring anytime from 7 AM Saturday morning until 7 PM Sunday evening. We’ll try to post pictures at www.geocities.com/michael_cook next week so you can see the real beauty of the desert.


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