Not Having To Leave

Passing a frozen lake
On a cold winter’s night
You sit next to me
You’ve been strolling through my mind

Wish we could just stay where we are
Figure out how to stop time for a day or two
It’s where I run to in my dreams
I run here with you
Eyes closed, you rest next to me
A touch of your hand
Fills me with inspiration
And I want to be with you
Until we’re old and life prints lonely notes
Times together
Times apart
Difficult days
And kind ones we shouldn’t forget
So let’s be sweet to one another
Empty pockets
Dirty shoes
A face aged with time
I’ll try to make life beautiful for you

A walk around the block
A walk through snow covered streets
I see your breath
And can’t remember a more beautiful time
Our footsteps follow each other
You lead
I lead
Now we walk together
Let’s go together
See the trees catching the snow
See the snow running up the hills
Beyond the trees wait adventures we can’t see
Beauty lies in being here with you
Not having to leave


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