So here I am,
Waiting for the sun to rise and set.
A purple hue opens my eyes
As morning begins to waken the room.
Another few minutes,
Till my dreams end and the day begins.
I rest a kiss on her cheek,
My hand uncovers hers
I shed our warmth and whisper goodbye.
I put on my clothes,
Find my way down the stairs,
Slip on my shoes,
Unlock the front door
And now I am running.

Clear mornings and I can see forever.
I can see the city lights left on from last night,
I see places I’ve never been – places I want to take
Looking out over the mist rising from the river,
To the forested hills on the other side
Then a little further where a fog blankets the ocean
Mornings like this I want to travel the world
But usually by the end of the day
I’ll just want to slip away and disappear

The rising sun hits me in the face
My dreams run to better places, better times
Times not yet here
Places maybe just around the corner
Sights beyond the horizon wears my spirit
This morning’s air breathes life to the senses
Legs and lungs burning
I taste the ice in the air
Passing unfamiliar but friendly faces introduces
People, dogs, cars
We’re all moving, going somewhere, someplace
Some places not pretty
Some times not perfect

I’m back, running late and she must be gone
The house makes no noise
The garage sits half-empty
Morning has filled our room
The bed isn’t made
Her things surround the sink
It is the sight, the smell, these pictures of her
And fresh towel reminds me
she love me too

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