Our 8th Move In 12 Years



This week marked our 8th move in 12 years. We moved from the house we built in Santa Rosa to a small apartment. Somehow, in a strange way, this fits into our long range plan but the timing comes at a difficult point. A few years after Nicole and I were married, we embarked on a long term journey of buying houses, either living in them for two years while trying to improve their value through sweat equity or renting the property out and at some point trading into one property. So now we are close to reaching our destination, but for the time being are setting up a temporary shop in a small apartment in Santa Rosa. Nicole being pregnant, launching a new product at work and trying to prepare for a 100 mile run in a few weeks has left us stretched and exhausted the past couple weeks.

We’ve been moving on the weekend and after work. This schedule has left little time and energy left for training. My weekday runs have been from 10 PM to 11 PM. Yesterday after taking out some final things at the house, I headed out to Forestville at around 4 PM for a 30 mile round trip. I felt pretty good and today did a quick 20 mile bike ride then an easy 13 mile run up through Annadel to prepare for the hills of the Tahoe Rim. Annadel is nothing like running in Tahoe, but getting the body used to running when fatigued is critical to preparing for an ultra. I would have loved to do a 20 mile run out to Lawndale and back after 30 miles yesterday but maybe on the 4th.

Nicole is doing great with the move. It is hard to be leaving a home we designed and really enjoyed. At times there are some emotions and memories that come out, then get wrapped and put in a box waiting to come out at the next place. We have learned a lot through the building process. And maybe we will do it again after we have settled and are established. Some of our biggest memories in this home were fostering and learning we are going to have a child of our own. Our original idea was to be in this property for maybe 3 to 5 years, hopefully enough time to see a decent return. Instead we were in this home for 23 months. Nicole’s parents are selling their house and want a smaller house but want to stay in the same neighborhood and so it worked out they could transfer their old property tax rate to this new house but needed to close by July 1. We were able to sell it to them at our cost, Richard and Olga have a very nice home, and we experienced and survived the building process. So for the time being, we are renting a very cozy 550 sq foot apartment (downsizing from 2900 sq feet) until we are ready for our next, more permanent, move.


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